SSCS Customer Testimonials


Aquamenities had a great idea: wall mounted shower dispensers. The hospitality industry loved it. But success can have its problems. Once people like it, they want it, and Aquamenities couldn't keep up with demand. That's where SMART Supply Chain Services (SSCS) stepped in, helping to develop a comprehensive supply chain and execution plan.

With SMART Supply ChainService's help, Aquamenities has helped transform the company from a million dollar company to a multi-million dollar company. Besides global logistics, shipping and freight forwarding, SMART has provided Aquamenities with a digital dashboard for full transparency into their supply chain. More than a customer, SMART is a partner that Aquamenities relies on its path towards success.

CLEVR Mobility

SMART Supply Chain Services (SSCS) is providing consulting, global procurement of goods, trans-portation services, and more, to CLEVR Mobility, a leader in real-time navigational control technolo-gy to the light electric vehicle (LEV) market. CLEVR's platform in the e-scooter market is enriching the rider experience and increasing public safety with precise Geo-fencing, sidewalk and speed management capabilities. The program between SMART and CLEVR has initiated in Chicago and will grow as SMART continues to support CLEVR Mobility as they continue to expand throughout the US and elsewhere.