SSCS Overview

SMART Supply Chain Services (SSCS) delivers comprehensive, customized, and flexible supply chain and value-added services, such as programming and fulfillment in a secure and confidential environment for its customers. The SSCS team averages over 10 years each of supply chain experience and over 1,000 years of combined professional expertise in logistics. With its know-how and tools, SSCS has become a leading qualified and cost-competitive supply chain provider across a span of industries, including those featured below.

With SMART's global reach, our supply chain network and services range worldwide from its headquarters in California, to Brazil, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and the UK. SMART Supply Chain Services observes the same environmental policies and guidelines as its parent, SMART Modular Technologies.

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Key Customer Engagements

managing secure transactions

1.9+ Million Transactions

In total, all the managed SKUs, suppliers, and contract manufacturers, SSCS has successfully managed over 1.9 million secure transactions for its customers. Partners trust SSCS in managing day-to-day supply chain operations.

supplier connections providing resources

220+ Supplier Network

With one of the largest supplier networks, SSCS is able to provide its customers with both the widest variety of component and part resources and consistent cost-competitive pricing. Both aspects factor into better revenue and shorter lead times.

1000 ship-to locations

1,000 Global Ship-To Locations

SSCS reach is worldwide, yet seamlessly connected. "One Team – Globally Connected" rings true when an organization can point to the synchronization and shortened lead times it's able to produce on a consistent basis for its customers.

managing SKUs and products produced

Managing 4,000+ SKUs

SSCS recently serviced over 1 million units through the supply chain for an internationally known customer. This achievement stands as just one example of a customer SSCS has helped guide and manage from production to fulfillment.