SSCS Value Added Services

SMART Supply Chain Services (SSCS) provides a state-of-the-art facility with a full range of devices for programming and burn-in needs. Below is a list of devices employed worldwide.

  • Programming
  • Additional Equipment
  • Fulfillment and Packaging


SSCS also offers programming and burn-in with its planning and platform services. The advantages to using SSCS Programming Services are that they offer worldwide state-of-the-art facilities, superior quality, are quick and flexible, and are a confidential and proven safe harbor supplier.

Below, are highlighted programming features. All programming is flexible to scale at very cost-aggressive pricing. First article requests for programming are also a feature SSCS provides.

BPM 3800 automated device programmer
  • Concurrent Programming System
  • Vector Engine Co-Processor®
  • NAND, NOR, Serial and Managed NAND Flash
  • Microcontroller (MCU)
  • PLD and eMMC
  • Mix Signal and Timing
  • Ideal for High Volume and/or High Mix
  • Supports Very Low Voltage Devices down to 0.7 (Vdd)
  • Integrated with LaserAlign™ Sensor from CyberOptics®
  • Repeatable Pick-and-Place Accuracy
  • Input and Output Media with Choices of Tube, Tray or Tape
  • Device Transfer between Different Media Types
  • Very Small Packages: MSOP8, TSOC6 and SOT23
  • Ranging from SOT23, as Small as 1.63 mm x 2.95 mm to larger 240-pin QFP
  • CO2 Laser Marker System
  • Mark Devices once, Programmed, Verified, and Ready for Output
  • Mark Up to Three Lines of Code
  • Provides Electro-Mechanical Interface between Device and Programmer
  • Receptacle-Based Socket Module
  • Active, Pass, and Fail LED Indicators per Device
  • ID check
  • Blank check
  • Continuity check
  • Compare
  • Read
  • Erase Device Setting Options
  • Program
  • Verify
  • Test
  • Checksum
  • Secure
  • Device Settings Configuration
  • Auto-Range
  • Algorithms Manufacturer Approved and Certified
  • Develops Certified Algorithms for Newly Introduced Devices by Working with Equipment Vendor
  • On--the-fly LaserAlign™ Sensor from CyberOptics®
  • Repeatable Pick-and-Place Accuracy

Additional Equipment

dry storage cabinet (X2M-200 and X2M-600)

Dry Cabinet

Coupled with the baking service, product is sealed using the military specification, Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB), together with a moisture absorbent dessicant, and a Humidity Indicator Card (HIC). The HIC measures the latent moisture within the bag that is used as a quality check when the bag is re-opened prior to the parts being used.

Dry Cabinet Specifications
baking oven LAC2-18-7

Baking Oven

This service ensures that post-programmed devices are not exposed to any quality issues with moisture baking and are compliant with industry and customer specifications. Baking procedures comply with eight levels of moisture sensitivity in accordance with JEDEC standard J-STD-033/020.

Baking Oven Specifications
vacuum sealer T-600

Vacuum Sealer

SSCS uses one of the most sensitive, versatile and quickest vacuum sealers available. Vacuum sealing resists atmospheric forces from damaging and infiltrating the final product, ensuring an unmarked and immaculate state. An upper web is applied to containers in a sealing die and sealed with a protective seam. A variety of seals can be applied, depending on project needs.

Vacuum Sealer Specifications

In Addition

Below is a list of other machines SCCS utilizes for programming and fulfillment along with a list of other form factors and modules it can program.

Model: PAC PSM 1412-IC3A Semi-Automatic Strapper

Maximum Shrinking Force: 60KG
Strap Width: 6mm to 15mm
Strapping Speed: 1.5Second/Strap


Peel Back Measuring Range: 0 – 250 grams
Speed: 100 – 600 + 5mm/minute in 50mm increments
Tape Widths Accepted: 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44 & 56 (optional 8 to 120 mm)
Monitoring System: Plotting of SPC chart

  • SPLDs
  • CPLDs
  • FPGAs
  • NVMs
  • ISPs
  • DSPs (Flash and EPROM)
  • Programmable Microcontrollers (Flash and OTP)
  • EPROMs, Serial EPROMs and eMMC (MLC and SLC)

Fulfillment and Packaging


Along with programming, SSCS's value added services include fulfillment and packaging. SSCS can complete the "push" points from programming devices to customer fulfillment and complete material packaging. SSCS also addresses customization, such as language, industry or process specializations, and the packaging and fulfillment processes allow for these. SSCS is equipped to handle any customer's fulfillment and packaging needs, custom or standard. Here is the range of fulfillment and packaging capabilities SSCS can handle:

  • Standard – SSCS can fulfill large orders for current sales needs or inventory storage to accommodate anticipated or future demands
  • Custom – SSCS fulfillment is also equipped to handle tailored or individualized order where one or two components of an order need to be modified for a specific need
  • Digital fulfillment – upload copy and product diagrams for field manuals and instruction sheets
For fulfillment, SSCS receives modules from DRAM suppliers and the fulfillment process begins. The modules are received where date codes and country of origin are recorded, and part numbers are verified against approved vendor's lists. During Quality Analysis (QA) and stocking, PIA test process sampling is performed. In the final step before shipping, programming can be done.


Packaging is an essential step in the fulfillment process. SSCS applies a system as part of SSCS's proprietary IT infrastructure, WIPTrack. This process ensures that products are properly tested, packaged, bundled, labeled before they're scanned for shipping.

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