SSCS Planning

  • Closed Loop Value
  • Timing
  • Proven Results

Closed Loop Value

Global Demand Management – Using LEAN principles and analytics, SSCS demand sensing and validation provides continuous monitoring of all demand signals. Dashboards provide demand change data at the aggregate and lowest level to quickly identify actionable changes from planning cycle to planning cycle. For each cycle, SSCS provides a commit-to-demand to complete the closed loop process.

SSCS provides virtual real-time visibility into every phase of the supply chain network. Featuring a fully customizable dashboard with secure 24/7 accessibility, the data refreshes every two hours providing virtual real-time data results.

Supply Assurance Planning

  • Collaborative Planning
    Collaborative Planning is the foundation of CPFR. A dedicated SSCS team and customers meet every week to discuss current orders, production schedules, and forecasted buys, and even possible unexpected buys against projected inventory. This constant monitoring makes sure that there are no surprises even when surprises do occur.
  • Demand Aggregation
    SSCS employs a demand aggregation methodology, optimizing buying strength which results in customer savings for indirect and direct goods. SSCS uses an automated workflow and flexible Request for Quote (RFQ) management system, which recognizes component demand across facilities and other enterprise units.
  • Supply-Demand Balancing
    SSCS has built in many models to balance supply and demand, optimizing pricing against inventory and stocking costs. Result: customers achieve ideal pricing and their customers achieve better on-time fulfillment. Better accuracy instills better trust for manufacturers' customers.
  • Dynamic Inventory Positioning
    In cases of fluctuating component and product demand, SSCS uses dynamic inventory models based on predictive models. These models are based on availability, pricing, historical trends, and other factors which allow SSCS to adjust and pivot to where customers consistently achieve proper profit margins.

Partner Connectivity

  • Supplier and Contract Mfgr Connectivity
    SSCS has the ability to manage suppliers and contract manufacturers so no vendors or partners dominate the component pipeline. With this method, manufacturers realize more efficient production, fulfillment, and ideal pricing.
  • OEM Dashboard Visibility
    With SSCS' dashboards, product and components visibility allows users to see every facet of production cycles and see where every part and component lies in the process. SSCS dashboards and portals operate in virtual real-time cycle so users are seeing where the component is NOW, and not yesterday.
  • Planning and Execution Applications
    SSCS manages planning activities such as demand forecasts, establishing supplies, managing and scheduling manufacturing operations, and the metrics that go along with ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations. SSCS coordinates these with execution activities such as creating purchase orders, and planned, project, and production orders. Combined with inventory management, SSCS makes sure every baton is passed at the correct time.
Closed loop wheel connecting customer OEM, suppliers and manufacturing partners
Upper wheel quadrant - inventory velocity
Left wheel quadrant - supply assurance
Right wheel quadrant - supply-demand balancing
Lower wheel quadrant - ppv capture

Supply Chain Execution

  • Global Allocation Coordination
    Where components are situated plays a vital role for how inventory, production and fulfillment perform in the supply chain. SSCS globally allocates and coordinates all the components involved in production so they move smoothly to cost-efficient fulfillment.
  • RMA Management
    Managing returned merchandise authorizations (RMAs) can be a costly and time-consuming part of the supply chain. Through quality assurance (QA), SSCS is able to ensure product to delivery and minimize buybacks.
  • Excess and Obsolete Disposal and Recovery
    E&O can cost a company up to 25% of its revenues. Using a highly functional E&O system, SSCS reduces the cost of E&O product while maximizing the financial return a manufacturer can gain when excess and obsolete product occurs.
  • Replenishment and Execution
    Replenishment execution simplifies optimized replenishment proposals for warehouses and distribution centers based on demand forecasts, safety stock, current stock levels, reserved stock, and backorders. SSCS ties its system to customers' enterprise resource planning (ERP) system so manufacturers know when and how much of each component needs to be purchased or manufactured.

Price Management

  • Price Cut-In, Auditing, and Reconciliation
    As part of SSCS's services, contract manufacturer are managed and their adherence to contracted pricing is monitored. SCCS also audits CM contracts and manages reconciliations, if need be, so CMs, OEMs, and suppliers are living up to their contractual requirements for purchasing, pricing and other factors needed to keep the supply chain network running.
  • Market Price Strategy and Opportunistic Buy Alerts
    SSCS uses reliable market price strategies so manufacturers are ensured they are receiving the lowest pricing to acquire components and parts. Along with pricing strategies, SSCS can also alert manufacturers so they can make purchases of components they will knowingly use later at low prices.
Full supply-demand continuity provides momentum so the right parts are in the right place at the right time for inventory and production. SSCS's global hub locations reduce potential disruption to the supply chain and accelerate production and fulfillment.
The SSCS system is customizable so users can control the signal to suppliers based on agreed criteria. For example, if materials are due outside of 60 days, users can set up a "don't reschedule" control. It is typically easier to pull in an existing order rather than place new demands inside of lead times where safety stocks ease the impact of the upside.
SSCS planning and strategy strives to reach the perfect match between demand, inventory, production and operations to achieve the most cost-effective balance between customers placing orders and fulfillment.
Poor visibility into the supply chain can lead to a domino effect of mistakes in stocking, inventory, production, and fulfillment. Through SSCS's portals, users have access to the supply chain in virtual real-time. Every phase of the supply chain, from part to component to product, is accessible to view for users.
Timely and accurate purchase order (PO) placement minimizes PO Transaction Impact Churn, so there's no impact to liability where cancellation/reschedule terms apply. As lead times change, PO coverage is adjusted accordingly, with expediting or rescheduling, thus avoiding churn or losses.
SSCS provides the heavy lifting by managing supply chain activities which frees up manufacturers from the resource constraints supply chain management can bring. Manufacturers maintain full visibility and interaction with their supply chain with SSCS's portal or platform.

Timing is Everything

Timing is everything, and that's certainly true with purchasing and delivery expectations. SSCS has helped its customers reduce lead times from 10 weeks to three days by tightening the supply chain with forecasting and applying those forecasts to anticipated demand and production.

Strategic purchasing, running lead inventories, re-order point (ROP), fulfillment dates, along with real-time inventory status allow SSCS customers to fine-tune global forecasts, providing the most responsive supply/demand.

Proven Results/Customer Success Stories

SMART Supply Chain Services (SSCS) applies a software managed services approach with LEAN supply chain planning initiatives that capture all details in the logistics network. Planning, demand, supply, timing, executables and fulfillment are built into the system, enabling the most efficient network possible. By partnering with SSCS, companies can focus on their core strengths.

With contract manufacturers at multiple, a worldwide site, SSCS manages 4,000+ SKUs and 1.9+ million transactions through a 220 strong supplier network. With its comprehensive network, SSCS guides its customers supply chain, allowing them to significantly reduce and stabilize various factors within the supply chain network.

Proven Results - Partner Examples

On-Time Delivery
60% to 96%
On-Time Delivery gauge

SSCS increased on-time delivery order to 96%

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  • Planning, Execution and Signal Alignment
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Inventory Reduction
$120M to $60M
inventory reduction gauge

With proactive demand planning, inventory reduced from $120M to $60M.

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  • Dynamic ROP Resizing Based on Market Conditions
  • Market Pricing Alerts and OEM Sourcing Support
PPV Reduction
$25M+ to <$1M
ppv reduction gauge

Pricing management assured the customer that they were receiving the best pricing and ensured supplier received awarded market share.

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  • Full Purchase Price Variance (PPV)
  • Total Acquisition Management (TAM) Assurance
  • Engineering Change Notice (ECN) Management
E & O Reduction
$7.5M to <$750K
e & o reduction gauge

Supply Demand co-planning and analysis tools reduced E&O processed from $7.5M to $750K, less than .1% of spend.

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